Board of Directors

Chris Sallows


My connection to the Michiana YMCA and Camp Eberhart dates back to the 1970's. My family was a member of the Michiana YMCA where I learned to play basketball, swim, and participated in day camp. I was a camper for one summer in the early 1980's and worked on staff in 1992 as a senior counselor, 1993 as the CIT Director, and 1994 as the Summer Program Director. I stayed at camp until December of 1994 working outdoor education and maintenance. I experienced approximately nine years of absence from camp. Camp Eberhart never left me during that time, but I was consumed by new life experiences.

I began my career as a probation officer in December of 1994 and continue in that capacity to this day. I returned to camp in 2004 as part of the Camp Eberhart Advisory Board. I joined the Camp Eberhart Alumni Association Board some years later and continue to sever.

My marriage brought into my life a beautiful wife, Janine, and full of life step-daughter, Jada, who attended camp for nine summers. My marriage has produced another beautiful and full of life daughter, Addison, who talks of her experiences at camp and wants to know when we will be going back for the next visit. My wife was never a camp girl, but has taken to Camp Eberhart and shares in the love we all have. My in-laws have both found their way to camp and have volunteered their time as well. All of the staff, both summer and permanent, have always made us feel welcome and appreciated for what we do.

Ed Levy


My mother, brothers and I have been part of Eberhart since the '20s. My mother was picked up from the train station and brought to camp in a buckboard. My brothers and I were driven to camp by our parents and left there for the summer. I've been part of camp in one fashion or another since 1954. Camp has given me so many lessons about life and friends that have been part of my entire life. Today I'm blessed to have passed on these lessons, experiences and independence to my children and my grandchildren. There are a few families that can say they have been a part of camp for 4 generations. I can't thank the Camp Eberhart families for all they have done for me and my family. I owe much of my life to Camp and those that made it all possible. So this little blurb about me is more of a thank you note because camp was my ultimate mentor - and made me what I am today. I've learned much from my wife and children, but the basics were all learned at Camp.  

Rachael McDaniel


Hello, I am Rachael McDaniel, 3rd generation of campers in my family. My grandmother Jeanette Levy and my father Edward Levy precede me! I started summer camp in 1982 and continued to 1996 which was my CIT year. I was on summer staff for many years and worked as Environmental Outdoor Education Director full time from 2000-2003.  Now, I live in Westfield, IN with my husband (who worked as the Ropes and Challenge Director from 2000-2003) and 3 children.  My two oldest go to overnight camp and my youngest at Day Camp in the summers. Camp has always been part of my life since I was born and same goes for my kids! 

Jean Magrane

Board Member

Hi, my name is Jean Magrane and I attended camp from 8 years of age through college, 1960- 1973. I worked on the waterfront and retired from professional firefighting after 28 years. I have lived in Bloomington since the late 1970’s.  I enjoy reconnecting with my EB alumni every June and throughout the year around the country.