Powder Room Dedication in Honor of Ed Levy


Powder Room Dedication in Honor of Ed Levy

When you say the name Ed Levy there are many things that may come to mind, three of those things are Camp Eberhart, the Camp Eberhart Alumni Association, and the YMCA. 

Ed began his career with Camp Eberhart and the YMCA at a very young age as a second generation camper, he has served these organizations, in various capacities, for many years.

It would be silly of me to try and speak to all of his accomplishments here at Camp Eberhart and the Michiana YMCA. There are too many. As we all know, Ed Levy has been the driving force of the CEAA.

We do have a marker at the entrance of Klinger Hall that honors Ed’s contributions to camp. Ed did not want that recognition, he has never wanted the recognition. His wish has always been to be of service in his own special way! By the way, the bronze plaque that was to be installed along with the marker was never put up, Ed again did not want the recognition. I have that marker as part of the CEAA archives.

In 2004 Ed was honored by the Michiana YMCA with its highest honor and inducted him into the Red Triangle Society. I have that plaque, as part of our archives, as well.

Some 68 years later we recognize Ed Levy with the Dedication of the Powder Room. Ed has always told me that all he wanted was his name on a urinal, but his wife Susie would not allow that.

The CEAA awarded Ed with with the George A. Cooper Award for Camp Eberhart as part of the ribbon cutting ceremony June 12, 2021 to acknowledge his lifetime of contributions to Camp Eberhart and the CEAA.

Thank you for all you have done for the YMCA and Camp Eberhart. I hope we make you proud as we continue to move the CEAA, Camp Eberhart, and the YMCA of Greater Michiana forward together!