Island Fire Circle Project in Memory of Justin Bloome


Island Fire Circle Project to Install Seating for All Campers!!

If you attended or worked at Camp Eberhart at the same time as Justin Bloome, there is no doubt that he made an impression on your experience. From his tie-dye and Pink Floyd shirts, his smiles and smirks, the announcement song and “cry”, carrying around an arrow from Archery, his big heart (even if he was pulling a prank on you) and perhaps most of all when he was front and center at the campfires singing “Tarzan”… these are the memories that so many of us have and there are countless others. His immense love of camp was clear for everyone to see. The CIT group of ’99 (Justin’s year) is looking to create a new fire circle on the island in Justin’s memory.

The camp fire area on the Island has been in existence for many years. It is used for the opening camp fire during summer camp and with other groups that visit camp. The current area consists of an open fire pit and numerous large butt logs for seats. The ground is fine dirt/sand and generally level. The area is open to the camp shoreline with an open view of Big Corey.

The CEAA is proposing to raise funds to upgrade the area to allow for seating for all campers on wood benches, similar to the Jon Rich Fire Circle, and for the placement of large rocks to outline a fire circle area. Approximately $4,000.00 in funds have been raised or pledged to the project so far. We anticipate this project to be approximately $12,000.00. We would love for any EB Family member to contribute to this project so we can honor Justin in this way.

Please join us in working toward our goal of a new fire circle for Justin and donate today here and go to “Choose Your Own Contribution at the bottom”.