Camp Eberhart Alumni Association Donations to Camp 2018


Some may ask, “What did the CEAA do this year to support camp.” Well let me show you! Summer Activities Expo Registration Fee to Promote AstroCamp $195.00 New Climbing Gear $4,497.23 Repairs to roof’s at Dave’s House, Klinger, and Nature $2,100.00 Repairs to Witwer House $7,700.00 Furniture/Plaque for Lazy W $180.00 HVAC for Say-Ah-Inn $4,500.00 Engraving Plaques/Bricks $557.32 Fishing and BCK Docks $7,100.00 Staff Care Packages $457.14 Staff Awards $800.00 Staff Banquet $931.21 Dynascope Restoration $793.00 AstroCamp Supplies $1,043.84 New Water Fountain/Bottle Fill for The Loo $1,700.00 Capital Campaign Expenses (Obenchain Lodge) $200,000.00 Christmas Tree for Klinger donated to camp Sound Equipment for Chapel donated to camp Total for 2018 $240,591.81 To all of you I say THANK-YOU for making this all possible. Our membership is who makes us strong and allows your CEAA to support Camp Eberhart!